Funding partially provided by the State agencies including the Department of Mental Health, the Department of Human Services, and the Department of Transportation. Federal funding is provided by  the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. 
Free Confidential Online Screening
Mental health assessment and screening are vital early steps in taking charge of one's mental health and wellbeing. The best way to get to recovery is to understand why you are feeling the way you do. 

Screening tests don't diagnose mental disorders. Instead, they are powerful tools for beginning to understand your mental health status, to decide if you should see a mental health professional, and to figure out what you'd like to improve. Additionally, mental health screening tests allow people of all ages to identify and discuss problems before they spiral down and beyond your control. 
Mental Health Screening Tools

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Warren Yazoo Behavioral Health provides the community 24-hour access to an on-call therapist. 
Call 1-888-558-2077. 
For non-emergency issues and for general information about Warren Yazoo Behavioral Health, please call 601-638-0031 in Warren County or 662-746-5712 in Yazoo County.